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Learn about networking opportunities, strategy, equity and small business development resources in the state of New Mexico from two of the most connected people in The Land of Enchantment!
STC.UNM and the Innovation Academy are hosting their summer 2019 University Center Seminar series. The New Mexico Rainforest University Center provides entrepreneurial training and technical assistance at the University of New Mexico main and branch‐campus center sites. The seminars are free and open to the UNM community and the public via in‐person or web access, but registration is required. A certificate program in entrepreneurial capabilities is available to UNM students and community members thru UNM’s Innovation Academy. If interested in the certificate program as part of the seminar series, please contact Cecilia Pacheco at cpacheco@stc.unm.edu.

Stacy Sacco – UNM

Mr. Sacco teaches entrepreneurial  studies at the UNM Anderson School  of Management for the past eighteen years, serves as the Director of the UNM Small Business Institute and the faculty advisor for the UNM student entrepreneur clubs. The Small Business Institute connects small businesses and other community organizations to MBA student teams to perform consulting work and marketing research.

John Chavez  –  New Mexico Angels

Mr. Chavez has served as the President of the New Mexico Angels since 2008 and has been an active angel investor since 2003. Mr. Chavez is also the Managing Director of Phase One Ventures, a start‐up fund out of Santa Fe, NM, and Managing Director of New Mexico Start‐Up Factory I and II. Outside of the Angels, he is the President of Tafoya and Brainerd Partners LLC, a nationwide business development ‐ consulting firm. Prior to his work in consulting, Mr. Chavez was appointed Cabinet Secretary of the Taxation and Revenue Department by New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. During his six‐year tenure as  tax secretary he also served as the President of the Federation of Taxation Administrators for one year.