Our Goal & Mission

Taos Entrepreneurial Network – TEN’s goal is to promote healthy, organic rural Economic Development opportunities through business and entrepreneurial support – rural development is increasingly linked to entrepreneurship. Institutions and individuals promoting rural development now see entrepreneurship as a strategic development intervention that could accelerate the rural development process. Furthermore, institutions and individuals seem to agree on the urgent need to promote rural enterprises, development agencies see rural entrepreneurship as an enormous employment potential; politicians see it as the key strategy to prevent rural unrest; and families see it as an employment possibility near their homes which provides autonomy and self-sustainability. To all these groups, however, entrepreneurship stands as a vehicle to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities and to sustain a healthy economy and environment.

The mission of the Taos Entrepreneurial Network is to improve the economic well-being of the citizens of Taos, New Mexico and surrounding communities through community awareness, business education, and creation of an entrepreneurial network. Their vision is that every business entrepreneur in Taos, New Mexico and surrounding communities will be successful according to their own measure and definition.


Since the inception of the program, TEN has resulted in over 500 Taos and Enchanted Circle citizens and entrepreneurs receiving one-on-one consultation with over 90 new businesses started and 43 businesses maintained or expanded. There are also over 150 volunteers on our Network Team who have donated nearly 3,250 hours of volunteer support for project coordination, management and client support. The TEN network of resources has grown exponentially over the last nine years due to our participation within our region.

Taos and most of Northern New Mexico have absolutely no industry other than tourism, which often leads to minimum wage, seasonal jobs. It is TEN’s sincere commitment to assist the local economy by supporting entrepreneurs.

Our Board of Directors

  • Sierra Duran, President
  • Steve Fuhlendorf, Executive Director / Network Facilitator 
  • Richard Kaye
  • John Rice
  • Anita Bringas
  • William Hood
  • Luis Reyes
  • Chris Romero

In addition to the regular monthly meeting, TEN — in collaboration with the Taos County Chamber of Commerce and the UNM-Taos SBDC — sponsors monthly Business Education seminars (which will be continued in the Center for Innovation). Local business and industry professionals volunteer their time to educate those in attendance on various topics.

Get Connected

TEN’s goal is to enhance the quality of life in the communities it serves. The specific objective of TEN is “grassroots economic development” focusing on existing and start-up businesses as a critical factor in the economic well-being of our communities. The methodology employs three components, which are designed to leverage and link with other established Business Support Resources throughout our service region in order to avoid duplication and maximize impact.