One Entrepreneur at at Time

We are based in Taos and focus our work on businesses in northern New Mexico. Our goal is to provide professional services to individuals in need of guidance in starting or growing their business.


P.O. Box 762
El Prado, NM 87529


Every third Tuesday of the month
5:30pm-7:30pm at UNM Bataan Hall


(575) 776-7903


The goal of TEN is grass roots economic development through Network Facilitation, use of volunteer time – neighbor helping neighbor and effective use of readily available resources. The activities to achieve these goals are:

  • Awareness. This outreach component is aimed at promoting awareness of entrepreneurship throughout the community in an effort to enhance our entrepreneurial culture, generate client inquiries, and recruit volunteers.
  • One-on-one client orientation and coaching.  The orientation and coaching component is aimed at listening to and assessing the client’s business, strategy, and goals; identifying strategic needs; orienting the client to available services; networking them with the most relevant assistance; and providing on-going coaching to the client. 
  • Social Capital.  The networking component is the core element of the model, upon which effectiveness, results and sustainability are dependent.  The networking element involves establishing a network of regional advisors from a variety of industries and professions, who can lend their knowledge and experience to the challenges faced by the entrepreneur.


Taos Community Foundation

The Taos Community Foundation has been a platform for community giving for 18 years. Find out more in this great article in the Taos News.   http://taosnews.com/stories/success-story-taos-community-foundation-a-junction-for-people-resources-and-ideas,19095?

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Win $500 in cash

Participate in the TEN Elevator Pitch Contes, where the winner recieves $500 cash. FREE EVENT An elevator pitch is designed to quickly describe a process, product, service and its value. You have 60 seconds to

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June Real Talk Event

IN need of some free business consultation? Have a business idea? Starting a business? Expanding a business? Feeling stuck with your existing business? Real talk provides 30 minutes of private business consultation from 3-4 successful

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