This month begins with the 2nd Annual Healing of Hearts Symposium – Honoring Northern New Mexico’s Native American Families by focusing on the Sacredness of Father & Motherhood. If you resonate with titles such as Healing Circle, Power of Attitude, Hip-Hop for Kids, and Unconditional Love and Family, you’ll want to make it out on June 3rd & 4th aka -THIS WEEKEND to the Taos Pueblos FREE event.

Next up we have the 6th Annual For the Health of It 5k/10k fun run/walk on June 11th. This year we decided to kick it up a notch and become Taos EXTREMELY Alive! Just for the weekend 🙂 You can join our team here, or show up the day of to participate and get active around supporting cancer patients in Taos!

And what about that Boozeless Thursdays banner you’ve seen hangin’ around town? Welp, this summer we’re collaborating with NUMEROUS organizations, restaurants, and businesses to bring our town fun and inspiring alcohol-free family events during the week and weekends! We know there is so much to be done and said surrounding the prevention of substance abuse and we hope that by offering spaces for community, family, and youth to gather together without booze, we can assist in this mission.